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New Track: “lol.” by Maurice Moore

I’m a little behind the times but I will never turn down an opportunity to share Maurice Moore‘s music. He just so happened to release a new track called “lol.” that just so happened to slip by my radar. Produced by BNJMN, Maurice spits some bars and then goes right into serenading his lady over this trappy melodic beat. You can definitely hear the growth in his music since his tape. Point blank… he’s going to be lethal. Canada is taking over!


New Track: “Rich” by Maurice Moore

One of my favorite artists, Maurice Moore, released his newest effort since the start of the new year. While his previous tracks had been mostly beautiful R&B, “Rich” takes on a slight tinge of Hip Hop which makes this a different change of pace for him. Honestly, this just proved to me that Maurice has a lot of bright days ahead of him. I can’t wait to see what he has to give his listeners this year.