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New Track: “Call Of Duty” by Futuristic feat. Castro

The absolutely crazy Futuristic just dropped his tape The Rise, which you can grab here, but along with the release came a new single with none other than my personal favorite Castro. Honestly, two dope emcees like this just shouldn’t be allowed to come together on any kind of project. It pretty much blows everything else out of the water. “Call Of Duty” is just too dirty for words. Check it out and don’t forget to get The Rise!


New Track: “Friday The 13th” by C Dot Castro

Hitting a song for Friday the 13th, you can’t just make it soft or half assed. Luckily, one of the toughest emcees tackled the task. C Dot Castro came out with a very hard hitting track called “Friday The 13th”, which is his first single release since he dropped his debut project Don’t Over Think.

Jam of The Day: “On It” by C Dot Castro

Yeah, I will be the first to admit that when I first found out about C Dot Castro that I spent hours hunting down every single song by him that I could possibly listen to while I patiently waited for anything new. It has been what seems like an eternity since he has released anything so, as y’all may expect, when I found out he dropped a new track there was no question when it came to featuring it as today’s jam of the day. “On It” is his latest banger and it’s just proof that Castro is taking no prisoners on his road to stardom. Personally, I can’t wait until he releases a full length project. Here’s to waiting!

New Release: Trailer for C Dot Castro’s Forthcoming Visual

After moving to the sunny West Coast with the crew, it’s safe to say that the VMG family has been working hard. C Dot Castro hinted at a new video directed by GRVTY in the works by the pictures he put on Instagram but today he decided to give his fans a deeper insight into what they’ve been working on. What resulted was an insanely cinematic trailer. Here’s to hoping that was also a little snippet of Castro’s forthcoming track.

Jam of the Day: “Higher” by C Dot Castro

Today’s jam of the day goes to C Dot Castro‘s newest track “Higher”; not to be confused with the song “Higher” he did with Rico White. I’m just always happy to hear something new from him and while I caught this when it first came out, I have yet to spotlight it on the site. Although, this one just seemed a great fit for today; a laid back track you can just kick it to. Vibe with me!

New Release: “Higher” by Rico White feat. C Dot Castro

So, during one of my late night Twitter binges, I came across a link for this track produced by 6ix. I never heard of Rico White but, being a fan of C Dot Castro, I was interested in hearing “Higher”. Now, maybe I’m slightly biased, but I was definitely sold upon hearing it. I definitely have all intentions of checking out Rico’s recent mixtape Spectrum, which you guys can stream in full hereHope you all enjoy!

Jam of the Day: “As Good As It Gets” by C Dot Castro

I know you guys have been seeing a lot of C Dot Castro on the blog and I just wanna say I have no shame! HAHA! I actually took the time today to go through all of his tracks on his Youtube and for some reason this one just really stuck for me. Castro is just too talented for words; not only does he have a sick flow but his words always pack a punch. As I’ve told all my friends, he’s just a real artist making that real music and I seriously appreciate that. So, without further ado, today’s jam of the day goes to him and his track “As Good As It Gets”. Vibe with me!