Soul Melodic and Z3ro the Comet Collab on “The Calm”

Going to the college I do, I’m surrounded by talented individuals. Producers, singers, rappers, video directors, photographers… we do it all. However, two individuals that I’ve had my eye on for a while are Soul Melodic and Z3ro the Comet, who make up the group Kid Comet Gang. Both have a hypnotizing flow, a crazy creative chemistry and incredible stage presence so when they came together to make “The Calm” I couldn’t have been more excited. This track is just the beginning of their careers and, I for one, can’t wait to see what they have up their sleeves.

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Dumbfoundead’s Video for “Cellphone”

I randomly stumbled across Dumbfoundead a couple of months ago and I will admit that he is one artist that completely surprised me with his talent. I watched one video and instantly had to check out the rest of his music videos just so I could listen to him. His flow is so flawless that it makes you listen and just bob your head to his music. I’m a little behind with this video since it’s been out nearly a month but I did really enjoy this video and song. With Breezy Lovejoy‘s vocals and Wax‘s feature, “Cellphone” is one track that you could definitely just cruise around and listen to with your friends.

Also, check out other music by Dumbfoundead, Breezy Lovejoy, and Wax!

Jam of the Day: “Ask Em” by Reason

“Ask Em” is Brooklyn artist Reason‘s newest video. Between the raw video, the old hip hop feel to the beat, and Reason’s east coast style flow, I couldn’t think of a better song to put up as UNDRGRND NATION’s first Jam of the Day. Definitely can’t wait to see what he is going to put out in the future.

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August Alsina’s New Video For “Sucka”

I recently came across August Alsina who has steadily been getting more and more shine on the internet and even on radio. This was the first video and song I was introduced to by him and I was instantly impressed.

“Sucka” is a single off of his mixtape The Product with DJ Scream and he also has an amazing Untitled mixtape full of covers that you should also check out. It’s quite easy to say that you should keep your eyes on this artist from New Orleans because he’s going to do big things in the near future.

Go follow him on Twitter and check out his other videos on his Youtube channel.

/_\drian Daniel Releases Memoirs of a Stoner EP


Looking at the title of /_\drian Daniel‘s debut EP, one would almost expect that all 9 tracks would have something to do with smoking, as expected from a “stoner”. However, this EP wasn’t anything like I expected. Memoirs of a Stoner showcases /_\drian’s originality in his vocals as well as his lyrics and really emphasizes what he says his music is about.

“My music speaks truth in serious and not so serious ways that offers my fans a place in time to chill out and flow yet keep their edge, their cool, their mojo while working through the crap that happens in life, and not pretend that it doesn’t exist.”

/_\drian lists artists like Kanye West, Kid Cudi, MGMT, N.E.R.D. as his influences and that can be heard throughout the EP. With features from members of “The Stoners”, “Wealth Club” and Z3RO the Comet, Memoirs of a Stoner is definitely an EP you will want to repeat and one you can just vibe to. Feel good music. Keep an eye out for this twenty-one year old and his upcoming projects!

To celebrate the release, /_\drian is hosting a listening party tomorrow at 6 PM in New York City where he will be performing live.

Go check him out on ReverbNation, SoundCloud, and Twitter.

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