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New Music: “One Last Night (Hippie Sabotage Remix)” by Vaults

Hippie Sabotage is one of the best production duos I have ever heard and their remixes are just fantastic in every way possible. Most of the time they’re even better than the original in my opinion. Needless to say, even though this track isn’t exactly new, it was too amazing to pass up on posting. The brothers took to Vaults‘ single “One Last Night” and absolutely shattered it. I mean, that unexpected switch up at the end though… it will just make you shake your head. Trust me.

Hit that play button and vibe out with me!


New Track: “Hardcore” Produced by Decap

The crazy talented Decap is back with an all new track that he aptly titled “Hardcore”. He managed to create a beat that is absolutely luscious to the ears. Not only does it incorporate an old school hip hop vibe to it, but it is so damn funky. This one is just another shred of evidence that Decap is definitely a gem in hiding. Enjoy!

New Track: “Time Zone” Produced By Super-Duper

Having spent time around producers of all genres, I have grown a serious appreciation for the art of creating music. To watch how they come up with ideas and form these beats is so damn inspiring so regardless of genre, I am always in awe when I hear something dope from a producer. That is exactly what happened when I clicked play on Super-Duper‘s latest piece of work. He is an electronic based out of Nashville and while some electronic beats can become boringly repetitive, “Time Zone” is just so refreshing and seems to blend a couple of different genres to create this beautiful auditory landscape.

“Time Zone” will be featured on the forthcoming Elite Batch compilation project dropping on April 7th through Apothecary Compositions.

New Track: “Grand Design” Produced by Decap and Brady Watt

Production duo Decap and Brady Watt dropped their first instrumental off of their debut album, Qi, called “Grand Design.”

Featuring virtuouso piantist Kris Bowers and OG Jamaica funk brother Bert Price on keys and synths. The homie Doug Fitch Smith also provided some shakers he brought back from West Africa.

Qi will be released sometime in April; expect to hear more.

New Track: “Lose Yourself” Produced by Gianni Lee and Paris Artelli feat. Tracee Owo

Gianni Lee teamed up with long time collaborator Paris Artelli for a new track featuring vocals from the talented Tracee Owo. What was created was an auditory masterpiece from beginning to end that that decided to call “Lose Yourself.” Check it out!