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New Video: “Pretty Girl Dance Pt. 2” by Yalee feat. Fetty Wap

After releasing the single “Pretty Girl Dance Pt. 2” last month, Yalee teamed up with Fetty Wap to bring his listeners the visuals to the track. Surrounded by “pretty girls”, Yalee drops some verses while serenading them all before Fetty drops in with his smooth, laid back flow. Enjoy.


New Track: “Call Of Duty” by Futuristic feat. Castro

The absolutely crazy Futuristic just dropped his tape The Rise, which you can grab here, but along with the release came a new single with none other than my personal favorite Castro. Honestly, two dope emcees like this just shouldn’t be allowed to come together on any kind of project. It pretty much blows everything else out of the water. “Call Of Duty” is just too dirty for words. Check it out and don’t forget to get The Rise!

New Track: “lol.” by Maurice Moore

I’m a little behind the times but I will never turn down an opportunity to share Maurice Moore‘s music. He just so happened to release a new track called “lol.” that just so happened to slip by my radar. Produced by BNJMN, Maurice spits some bars and then goes right into serenading his lady over this trappy melodic beat. You can definitely hear the growth in his music since his tape. Point blank… he’s going to be lethal. Canada is taking over!

New Music: “One Last Night (Hippie Sabotage Remix)” by Vaults

Hippie Sabotage is one of the best production duos I have ever heard and their remixes are just fantastic in every way possible. Most of the time they’re even better than the original in my opinion. Needless to say, even though this track isn’t exactly new, it was too amazing to pass up on posting. The brothers took to Vaults‘ single “One Last Night” and absolutely shattered it. I mean, that unexpected switch up at the end though… it will just make you shake your head. Trust me.

Hit that play button and vibe out with me!

New Track: “Inhale Exhale” by Nao

SoundCloud seriously keeps bringing me beautiful music and I am feeling so blessed right now. No lie. Anyways, by happen chance I came across this beautiful songstress that goes by the name of Nao and her single “Inhale Exhale” just gave me so much life. The song just has this powerful aura (I’m gonna blame the beat on that) but her voice is just to die for as well. Definitely a uniquely dope track off of her February 15 EP, which you can cop here.

New Track: “Move On Up (Curtis Mayfield Cover)” by LION BABE

So, I’ve been noticing the name LION BABE going around for some time and haven’t checked them out. My fault entirely. However, I finally listened to their new song by chance (thank you SoundCloud) and I was in bliss. LION BABE recreated Curtis Mayfield‘s song “Move On Up” for ESPN’s 2015 NFL Draft coverage and it is absolutely perfect. I’m just gonna keep vibing on this funk train for today. It’s too beautiful outside right now to ignore the funk. Click play and love it!

Jam of the Day: “Witness Protection” by Blaque Keyz and Beautiful Mind

If you’ve been following the Beautiful Mind collective then maybe this video shouldn’t have been too much of a surprise. Still photos were leaked some time ago but now we have the complete visual for this track called “Witness Protection” featuring verses from Blaque Keyz, Travis Mendes, and Jon Bellion along with production from Raw Materials. As some hardcore fans picked up, some of the verses were actual ones from their live performances (not previously released) and now handed digitally to all of you. Some may not understand the concept of putting modifiers on their voices but I liked the “message” behind that move. It forces you to listen to the lyrics instead of being solely focused on the voices. Very dope and somewhat ballsy move on their part. However, it should have gone without saying that this would be today’s jam of the day. Having been used to seeing Trav sing, it was too sick to see him dropping some bars. It’s only up for the Beautiful Mind crew from here.

Hope you guys got your tickets for #TheDefinitionTour. See you in New York and Philly!