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Jam of the Day: “Way With Words” by Bad Rabbits

I came across Bad Rabbits several years ago when they opened for Travie McCoy‘s solo tour in New York. I remember when they came on stage and I was skeptical of what they were about to perform. Opening band judgements. However, as soon as they started, I was hooked. They have such a dope up-beat funky vibe to them and “Way With Words” is no exception. It is definitely a track that will make you wanna get up on your feet and go crazy while carrying that infectious summer time vibe. For that reason, it is today’s jam of the day. Hope you guys love it as much as I do.


Jam of the Day: “Witness Protection” by Blaque Keyz and Beautiful Mind

If you’ve been following the Beautiful Mind collective then maybe this video shouldn’t have been too much of a surprise. Still photos were leaked some time ago but now we have the complete visual for this track called “Witness Protection” featuring verses from Blaque Keyz, Travis Mendes, and Jon Bellion along with production from Raw Materials. As some hardcore fans picked up, some of the verses were actual ones from their live performances (not previously released) and now handed digitally to all of you. Some may not understand the concept of putting modifiers on their voices but I liked the “message” behind that move. It forces you to listen to the lyrics instead of being solely focused on the voices. Very dope and somewhat ballsy move on their part. However, it should have gone without saying that this would be today’s jam of the day. Having been used to seeing Trav sing, it was too sick to see him dropping some bars. It’s only up for the Beautiful Mind crew from here.

Hope you guys got your tickets for #TheDefinitionTour. See you in New York and Philly!

Jam Of The Day: “Worry” by Evil Needle feat. JMSN

After perusing the SoundCloud web, I stumbled upon a beautiful song that features none other than JMSN, who has easily become one of my favorite singers. Besides the fact that the man has a voice on him, he just literally can’t create a bad song in my honest opinion. That being said, “Worry” is a beautiful track equipped with flawless production work from Evil Needle. As soon as I heard it, I knew this had to be today’s jam of the day and so you have it peeps. Click that play button and vibe with me!

Jam Of The Day: “All Time Low” by Jon Bellion

The homie Jon Bellion released another perfect gem in “All Time Low”. With the sound that has become associated with Jon, he managed to weave together a bright and yet somewhat sad atmosphere, making this song an auditory experience equipped with Travis Mendes on the backing vocals yet again. As expected, it is today’s jam of the day. While I can’t wait for the next project, I am learning to enjoy these little surprises along the way.

Also, don’t forget to go cop your tickets to The Definition tour here. I’ll see you guys out in Philly and New York should you attend. Enjoy!

Jam Of The Day: “Woodstock (Psychedelic Fiction)” by Jon Bellion

Last year while UNDRGRND NATION was in a hiatus, I experienced two of the most amazing shows of my concert going experience. I may have been somewhat biased considering that all the faces that graced the stage were people I knew but that doesn’t take away from them putting on some of the most passionate performances I have seen in a long time. Luckily, Jon Bellion is back at it again. While he finally released a single he has been promoting for quite some time now, he also dropped news that he will be going back on tour. Needless to say, I immediately got excited and started texting my slew of friends with the information.

So, while you are enjoying the very bright and otherworldly “Woodstock (Psychedelic Fiction)” equipped with a vocal feature from Travis Mendes, check out the below tour dates and start making your plans. Tickets will go on sale April 7th! Hope to see you all in New York and Philly!

Jam Of The Day: “Love Me Like You Do (Remix)” by Luke Christopher

Today’s jam of the day goes to the talented Luke Christopher. If you know about him, you already know that anything he creates is just golden. So, I’m never cautious when I go to listen to his songs and I was left satisfied once more. He decided to re-create Ellie Goulding’s “Love Me Like You Do” and what came from it was a very smooth R&B cut that is infectious. Without further ado, click that play button and vibe with me.

Jam Of The Day: “The King That Refused To Die” by Brady Watt feat. ScienZe and Kelly Jones

The other day when I was scouring ScienZe‘s new material, I came across this perfect tune. “The King That Refused To Die” is a track by UNDRGRND producer newcomer Brady Watt featuring the likes of Kelly Jones on the vocals and ScienZe on the verses. Brady created a very unique and uplifting track for the duo to slay on and it was hard for me not to instantly fall in love with this song. Click that play button and join me!