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Interview by: Ashlee Chanelle


As you know, UNDRGRND NATION is all about exposing you to upcoming, innovative artists. Hailing from Canada, Terell Safadi is making quite a name for himself. Having toured six different countries and shared the stage with artists like, the legendary Bone Thugs ‘N Harmony, he is showing no signs of slowing down. Check out our exclusive interview with this rising artists.


UNDRGND NATION: For our UNDRGRND NATION followers who may not know, just who is Terell Safadi?

TERELL SAFADI: Terell Safadi is a lot of things. A passionate life liver, a father, a big brother, dream chaser, entrepreneur, skateboarder, and last but not least, a recording artist.

UNDRGRND NATION: Your music isn’t typical hip-hop. You incorporate many genres and elements into your sound. Can you tell us a little more about that and what some of your influences are?

TERELL SAFADI: Lately, I’ve been influenced by a lot of different indie bands and house music. I love the up-beat vibes and pitched down vocals, and the time that goes into the production. Sometimes in hip-hop nowadays, everything is the same and very monotonous, so I pull from different genres for influence. I like more than just rap and hip-hop, so I like my music to reflect that, while still staying true to the culture of hip-hop. I’m also into old-school soul and R&B like the Isley Brothers, and I’m huge fan of Bay Area and California artists, which is what I came up listening too.

UN: You rep Vancouver, Canada and have generated quite a buzz for yourself there and here in the States. That being said, what sets you apart from all other artists coming out of Canada, such as more mainstream artists like Drake or The Weeknd (who weren’t always so mainstream, by the way)?

TS: Like I mentioned before, I pull from a lot of different genres, and I think that makes for a broader catalogue of beats you hear me rap on. I’d also have to say the number one thing that sets us apart would be our life experiences. I think our music is very truthful and based on real people and happenings. If I have lived it or am going though it, it’s in a song, or it will be at some point. My music is very truthful, and when I put it out there I’m hoping someone will relate, which a lot of my listeners do. In turn, it helps me keep being honest because I know people are going through similar things.

UN: You’ve had the pleasure of taking the stage with legendary artists like Bone Thugs ’N Harmony and Redman, and you have also performed alongside more recent come ups like Rick Ross, Kirko Bangz, and LMFAO. What was that experience like?

TS: That experience was amazing and surreal at times.  Getting to meet these artists and be seen in the same light is a blessing and very motivating to keep me striving for more. LMFAO caught my set and actually gave me props, which was dope. I had finished my set, turned around and they were just right there waiting to go on. I don’t think I would have played as good if I knew they were there the whole time.

UN: You recently dropped your track “Rumors” which is getting a lot of buzz and are currently working on your fourth album. What can fans expect on the next release?

TS: The project is titled “When I Get To L.A.” which is inspired by this most recent four months I’ve been out here in L.A. from Vancouver.  I’ve never been away from my family and friends for this long, and everything is new to me, so it’s me putting my new experiences into songs on fresh, new beats from producers in L.A. and producers back home. It’s just like a little documentary of my time I’ve been spending in my new surroundings. It will be here just in time for summer and the project has a summer feel to it as well!

UN: Where can fans stay in touch with Terell Safadi?

TS: Pretty much on all social media platforms, so choose your favorite one and get at me! I’m @TerellSafadi on everything – Facebook, Twitter – but I’m most active on Instagram. Shout out UNDRGRND NATION for the love! Bless up!



Check out Terell Safadi’s new video for his track “Rumors” here:


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UNDRGRND Exclusive: Interview With aaron omar of Fresh/High Society

FHS Promo Pic

Fresh/High Society is one name I am never disappointed to see in my inbox. Comprised of Balistik the Messiah and aaron omar, the duo has never released a track I didn’t like nor do any of their tracks sound repetitive. Because of that they are a familiar name on the blog and have garnered a lot of positive feedback from our readers. So with the release of their newest mixtape underway, I was excited to have the opportunity to have a quick interview with aaron omar about (UN)Popular Couture 2, how the duo came to be, what influences him when it comes to creating music, and the question everyone wanted to know: Superman or Batman?

Alright, so maybe that wasn’t what everyone was curious about but check out what aaron had to say after the jump and keep an eye out for their new mixtape coming up later tonight!

UNDRGRND NATION (UGN): How long have you guys been creating together and how did Fresh/High Society come about?

aaron omar (AO): Balistik The Messiah & I have known each other since 2005 and had worked on a few songs together before we decided to form the group in 2009.  It was really the result of a collaborative project between us and Beyond This Point called The Cool Table.  We were excited about the creative process and the outcome and thought it would be fun to do the group thing on a full-time basis.

UGN: Fresh/High Society is an interesting name, by the way. How did you guys come up with it and does it have any significant meaning?

AO: Once we decided to become a group, we came up with a bunch of horrible names but finally settled on Fresh/High Society.  If you break it down, it’s a combination of 2 ideas:  Fresh, to us, represents a state of mind.  All of the influential people in world history have been “forward thinkers” because they THOUGHT outside of the norm.  They were “fresh.”  “High Society” represents any group of people in a particular culture that rise to the top.  The best, the most successful.  So, when you put it together, you get Fresh/High Society.

UGN: As artists, what inspires you and who would you say are your influences?

AO: As cliche as it may be to say, I’m inspired by life.  My friends, my experiences…just a phrase in a conversation can spark an idea for a new song.  The process is never the same and it never “turns off.”  As far as influences, being that I’m a producer as well as a songwriter and recording artist, I’m a fan of music from everywhere.  Artists ranging from Michael Jackson to 50 Cent to The Black Keys…you name it.  If it resonated with me, it probably influenced me in one way or another.  I think I’m more a fan of certain songs and moments than any one particular artist.  “Give In To Me” from the Dangerous album is definitely my favorite MJ song, even though it wasn’t close to being his biggest.  And nobody can deny “Get Rich Or Die Tryin.'”  I’m a fan of moments.

UGN: As some already know, your new project (UN)Popular Couture 2 is being released December 11th. Can you give the fans an inside scoop as to what to expect from the album?  How would you say it differs from your previous work?

AO: As far as Fresh/High, I think it’s our best work so far.  The creative process was totally different from the 1st (UN)Popular Couture because we were able to be in the same place at the same time and bounce ideas off of one another.  Technology is a gift and a curse and, as is common in today’s music industry, a majority of the 1st project was a result of emailing songs back and forth until we were finished.  For part 2, every song was written in person.  The chemistry is better.  We also collaborated with more people this time around.  Travis Mendes and Mylon from Beyond This Point, Sneaky Beanz, Ski Beatz and Camp Lo are all featured on this project.

UGN: With new music on the way, can we expect to see some new videos from Fresh/High Society or even a few gigs in the near future?

AO: People can expect more of everything from our camp.  Videos, collaborations, shows…even solo work from the both of us.  Just more.  Bigger as well.  It’s time for us to take the next step to whatever the next level is and really put ourselves on the map in 2013.

UGN: Oh, and by the way, Superman or Batman?

AO: (Laughs)  Definitely Batman.  I’m a huge Batman fan, always have been.  I have comic books, action figures, movies…even had a Batman debit card for a time.  I’m sure I know the words to all of the movies.  Batman is just way cooler.  The gadgets, the cars.  Superman is boring as f*ck (laughs).  You have this guy who’s supposed to be unstoppable and his disguise is taking his glasses off.  He can’t even get a good date in with Lois Lane (laughs).  Batman, every time.

New Release: UNDRGRND Sits Down With YNG COUPE

Not to be confused with UNDRGRND NATION, UNDRGRND is a new upcoming series where producer and artist History interviews up-and-coming artists within the confines of his college dorm room. The first target for the debut of the series is producer and artist YNG COUPE. History sat down with YNG to talk about his recent mixtape and what influences him to create music before YNG was kind enough to give the viewers a peek into the music he is currently working on. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m definitely feeling the “NSFW” beat he made.

Stay tuned for all future interviews from the UNDRGRND family!

Also, you can download YNG’s entire project here.

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