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FRESH FASHION: 8&9 Clothing Drop 420 Line and Trailer

Yes, I know guys; it has been a while since I’ve updated the Fresh Fashion segment to the blog but I honestly only want the best for that section… stuff I would actually buy. Thankfully I was just introduced to the homies over at 8&9 Clothing and their newest line which is inspired by every smoker’s holiday 4/20! Not only did they release an accompanying trailer featuring the beautiful Zashia Santiago but they even released an all new LookBook update with photographs of the new line. Honestly, the 4/20 collection is perfect for all the stoners out there and even the gamers with their 8-bit Nintendo and OG Atari games inspired prints.

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Fresh Fashion: Blast Off Clothing Be Killin’ ‘Em

Blast Off Clothing is a dope new line coming out of Pittsburgh and while they have your typical printed t-shirts, they have decided to take an interesting turn for all you high-fashion heads out there. With the re-vamp of their site, they introduced a new line that is equipped with some interesting animal prints, silk fabrics, and gold embellishments. I’m really feeling this new line and they have been dope enough to team up with us to give all of our fine readers a 10% discount if you use the keyword “UNDR” at checkout!

Peep some of my favorite pieces below:

Blast Cheek Tank
Leopard 2Face Tee
Python Crew

Vintage Frames Company Presents: The History Of Eyewear With DJ Jazzy Jeff

As current fashion is an almost exact emulation of the past, it is important to understand where we came from. As part of an ongoing series, The Vintage Frames Company calls on Hip-Hop legends to take us on a journey through what was the history of eyewear in their eyes. On this episode, join DJ Jazzy Jeff as we explore his personal connection with eyewear, and the importance of eyewear in Hip-Hop.

Fresh Fashion: CALIFORNIAMONEY Releases Spring 2013 Line

CALIFORNIAMONEY is one clothing line I’ve had my eyes on for a while and it’s been an impressive journey for them from what I’ve seen. With progression always their aim, they’ve released a behind the scenes video for the photoshoot of their Spring 2013 line which, can be summed up with one word: TRILL.

You can check out more of their products in their store here or stop by their site here for more information.

Fresh Fashion: Tsunami Boarding Releases Winter ’12 Line!

It has been a while since I’ve updated the Fresh Fashion section but after checking out this clothing line, I knew I’d have to share it with you guys. Tsunami Boarding is a lifestyle brand coming out of San Francisco and is created by two teen co-founders, Shaan and Kasey. Toting the motto “Fresh Til I Die”, Tsunami Boarding has apparel that is fresh, bold, creative and comfortable and really gears towards the younger generations.

They recently released three all new t-shirts for their Winter ’12 line and I really enjoyed every single one of them. Each stands out in their own way while having eye-catching designs. Keep an eye out as they release more items for their Winter line; crewnecks and snapbacks will be released soon!


Fresh Fashion: Flahn Manly Brings You ICD Clothing

I’m always on the look out for up and coming clothing lines, especially those that have seriously put a lot of thought into their brand. Flahn Manly created ICD, which stands for Incomplete Designz, and he has been working on putting together a series of videos that display his work but also are used as a gateway to inspire others. His recent video targeted “The Dreamers” in today’s society and this is what he had to say about them:

In the world of ICD the dreamers are united. Frequently, Dreamers are denied their potential by those who believe in the confines of reality. Together ICD™ and ICD™ clothing push the Dreamers of the world into the world of possibility. Without Dreamers the world would never soar. Without Dreamers your feet would never lift off the ground. Become a dreamer.

Along with the video, ICD Clothing released the introductory item of their Dreamers Society which are letterman jackets.

You can find more info on ICD and purchase these items here.

Fresh Fashion: Bringing You MuffinBoy Clothing

I have this habit of finding new clothing lines on Twitter and I came across MuffinBoy Clothing months before I even began to create UNDRGRND NATION. I recently got to talk to Tristan King, the founder of MuffinBoy, and asked him what his brand was all about. This was what he had to say:

MuffinBoy is all about the under dog, the society defined “weird kid”… the adult who has some how managed to keep his creative child like side growing up. Its about bringing the fun back into fashion with muffins. We strive to uplift our consumers by creating products that they would love and enjoy and, in turn, they uplift others.

They recently released new lines of pins; Sunshine Ray and Mysterious Black felt crowns, that were directly inspired by the cartoon character Ice King from Adventure Time. They even released a new t-shirt called the “B”oy Logo Tee. While MuffinBoy is still an up and coming clothing line, their merchandise has been seen on the likes of Rich-P, Jaeden Zoe, Ricci Steez, Teyana Taylor, Diggy Simmons, Tyga, and many others.

You can check out and purchase their merchandise here and here.